Aviator game

Aviator is a simple yet enjoyable betting game in which you bet on a plane flying. This is one of the unique casino games. The higher the plane flies, the greater your earnings, and you can cash out at any time.

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The plane takes off at a multiplier of 1.00x as the game begins, and the longer it flies, the larger the multiplier and the greater the cash-out offer for big wins. You will receive your stake multiplied by the multiplier if you choose to cash out in time before the round ends (which can be over 1,000,000x, one of the biggest winnings in 2024). You cannot know when the round will stop, and if you don't click the cash out button before the plane flies away, you will lose your bet.

Aviator was designed to function flawlessly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. No matter which system you choose to use to play Aviator game, your gameplay experience will remain the same.

What's the gameplay like?

The video game Aviator is in the crash category. This is a graphical representation of a game that is based on a random number generator (RNG). It looks like a plane flying and taking off and flying higher and higher until it leaves the screen. The bet multiplier that is linked to the airplane increases in value the higher it flies before taking off. In order to collect your rewards before the plane disappears from the screen, you must act quickly and cash out in time. Your wager is forfeited if you are unsuccessful.

Aviator online casino gameplay

All online casinos like Hollywoodbets in South Africa offer the Aviator game, but you must first be logged into your Hollywoodbets account in order to play Aviator game. Hollywoodbets casino offers a lot of casino games and sports betting activities. It is one of the best casinos that follow responsible gambling principles. Once you've checked in, you can easily find the Aviator game on the casino's home page. Once you're in the Aviator lobby, you may place your bets by doing the following:

  • Choose between playing once or twice since you have two betting possibilities.
  • After entering your stake amount, which is a minimum of R1, place your bet before the plane comes around for the round to begin.
  • From the moment the lucky plane takes off, the win multiplier begins at 1x and continues to increase.
  • As soon as the game begins, the lucky plane will take flight, multiplying your bet by the number displayed on the screen.
  • When you click the cash out button, your bet will be immediately cashed out as a winner. You determine when you want to cash out your wager.
  • Your earnings are calculated by multiplying your wager by the multiplier at which you made a cashout, and the biggest winnings are normally over R1,000,000.
  • You will lose your bet if you don't pull the plug (cash out) on the wager before the plane flies off.
  • Keep in mind that the plane has the option to take off immediately at 1.00x or to continue till the multiplier crashes.

Always remember that the goal is to make a withdrawal before the plane takes off. If you cash out in time, you'll win your bet multiplied by the amount on the screen.

Features of Aviator

A variety of fantastic features are available in Aviator to enhance your experience.

Autoplay and automatic withdrawal

The "Auto" tab in the betting panel can be used to start or stop or set the autoplay. Bets will be automatically placed once they are activated. But keep in mind that you'll still have to cash out manually. If you want automatic cash out, you should set the auto cash out feature.

The auto cash-out feature can be activated by navigating to the betting panel. Enter the multiplier level on which you want to cash out your bets next. Your wager will be immediately cashed out if the multiplier rises to this level.

Live Bets and Game Stats

The live betting panel is located on the left side of the game's UI. All of the wagers and live bets that players have placed for the current round are displayed here. All of your own live bets, together with the corresponding information of bets to be cashed out, are displayed under the "My Bets" page.

The major victories from the previous day, month, or year are also accessible. This shows the bet, the winning amount, and the multiplier!

In-game chat

You can communicate with other players through the in-game chat system. The panel on the right demonstrates this. The "Captain" bot also automatically posts significant big wins.

Maximum Reward

With Aviator and Hollywoodbets, you may now win a maximum of R2 million. Keep in mind that you can wager as little as R1 or as much as R20,000!

Why is Aviator such a unique game?

For a variety of reasons, this betting game is quite well-liked by users of online casinos in South Africa. The fact that you are in charge is one of them. Only you may decide when you wish to withdraw your earnings. Your wager will be forfeited if you are overly greedy and do not cash out before the plane takes off.

This game's significant social component is one of its other outstanding features. While all bets are placed on the same field, winnings can be taken out at any time, even using the auto cash-out feature. The list of active bettors is shown on the left side of your screen. You may observe when each participant decides to withdraw from the current round as the flight continues. Will you decide to follow them or take the chance of holding off till the multiplier increases?

The key component of Aviator, like many other online casino games, is transparency. For any player who might have any doubts, a provably fair system is available to show them that this game is random. You can check the provably fair system for responsible gambling by clicking the green shield icon in the game history.